Google Opinion Rewards An Easy Way To Earn Money Online With Simple Steps

Have you heard about Google Opinion Rewards? Well most of us don’t. It is true, that most of the people don’t know about this. Well, if you use the app then you will come to know that how beneficial is this app. Here in this article, we will tell you all about the Opinion Rewards app by Google. It is the easiest way with which you can easily earn money which can be further used in buying paid apps on Google Play Store.

What is Google Opinion Rewards App

It is an app on Google Play Store with which you can earn money online. The money earned with the Google Opinion Rewards app can be used on Google Play Store. You can use the amount for buying apps.

How To Earn Money From Google Opinion Rewards App

Well, the answer to the question of how to earn money from with Google Opinion Rewards app is a simple one. Most of the time you have to answer a simple question and it will give you up to ten rupees or sometimes extra money. These questions are based on your activities.

A user receives a notification on their phone when the survey is available and after that clicking on that notification will take you to the survey. As said above they survey can have a single question or sometimes three to four question.

It will ask about your past activities like “If you visit the ATM yesterday”, “If you visit the shopping mall, on what date, do you make a purchase there or not and if yes which payment method you used” and so on.

Sometimes it asks about the questions related to Youtube. Like the last video you watched, relevant video related to the video you watched etc. Understanding all about the Google Opinion Rewards here might be not interesting for you. So we advise you to download the app from Google Play Store and start using it.


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