Google Follow Your World Will Shutdown on September 30th

Google Follow Your World is gooing to shut down permanently this month. This app of Google will shut down on 30th September and after that, no one will be able to access the Google Follow Your World. Maybe you have heard about this last month. This is the last month of the Google app. Google announced last month that it is shutting down one more app.

Google Follow Your World Shutting Down

Last month Google announce the shutting down of the Google Follow Your World app. It was mentioned “We plan to shut down Follow Your World on September 30, 2019. On that day, you will no longer be able to access the site and all Follow Your World data will be deleted from Google servers. Here are some next steps to consider:”

It was also said that one can download the data. For this, one must have to log in to the Follow Your World app and then save a copy of the points of interest. After that, the copy can be downloaded as the KML file. On 30th September, the Follow your World Data will systematically be deleted from the servers of Google. Read Full Details Here

In the year 2011, Google launched the Google Follow your World. At that time it was a cool feature because it allows the users to track the satellite images of locations that you specify in the Google maps and the Google Earth. When Google updates the satellite or aerial image it sends a notification letting the person know about the new information.


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