Google App Maker to Shut Down by January 2021

One of the apps of Google is going down into the Google graveyard. Yes, you heard that right. Google app maker will be turned down by January 19, 2021. This is because it was not used as expected. App maker was basically an application that helped the firms to make an application while cutting down a great level of coding.

This suggests that companies which used Google app maker to make their applications, now have to find an alternative for the same. As per different sources and education editions of G-suite, the app maker was considered as one of the most user-friendly apps as it helped big companies to make their applications using all those drop-and-drop designs, templates and many other components and elements.

However, on 15th of April, 2020, Google revealed the users will not be able to make a new app on the app maker but still be able to modify, amend and make alterations in the already prevailing and existing apps.

Anyways, the app will stop working by January, 21. There will be no changes in the data stored in Cloud SQL. It will further follow the policies sketched in your GCP(Google cloud platform) app.

Here are some of the steps that companies can follow since they will not need the app anymore.

•Do not forget to export the app before you delete it. This will help the database information to stay saved.
•After this, move ahead and delete the app in the app maker itself.
•In the end, delete the already associated cloud project.
The following are some of the alternatives that companies can use instead of the app maker:
•App sheets
•App engine
•Microsoft power apps

So, these are some of the apps that you can use after the app maker takes your leave.

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