Go An Extra Mile to Know About the Top Sights in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is one of the biggest and advanced cities of Punjab. It’s a lesser-known fact that there are some tourist places for sightseeing in Ludhiana.

Ranjit Singh War Museum

This is one of the most popular sights and biggest of Museums to be seen in Ludhiana. Its definitely one of the places to boast about. The museum was built in 1999 and is spread across 4 acres. The museum was constructed in order to pay tribute to those brave soldiers who lost their lives during various battles and wars all around.

You’ll get to see the amazing light and sound show which beautifully narrates the story of the war of Independence and the huge amount of contributions by our brave soldiers. Moreover, the government of Punjab pays quite a lot of attention towards maintaining the museum. The Kargil gallery and the historic gallery are the major aspects of this museum.

Tiger Safari

Tiger safari covers an area of about 25 acres in Ludhiana. It was established in 1993. It can be considered as one of the famous sights of Ludhiana. Also, it is a great pic spot for people to hang out. You can see those royal Bengal tigers, rabbits, sambhars, blackbucks moving freely in the dense forests. Many outsiders who visit Ludhiana tend to take a tour of tiger safari. Also, the safari never compromises on the safety of people who visit there.

Lodhi Fort

Make sure to visit the best place in Ludhiana, that is, the pride of Ludhiana, Lodhi Fort, if you ever plan a stay in the city. It was built by a Muslim ruler Sikander Lodhi about 500 years ago. It offers a beautiful view of river Satluj and itself is really lovely with greenery all around.

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