Get Rain Alerts on iPhone With These Steps

The iPhone’s weather app is actually quite nice. There are numerous functions available, many of which are probably well-known to most people. However, the iPhone has a little-known capability that can prevent you from becoming caught in the rain or even in extremely bad weather.

What is the name of the feature?

Next-hour precipitation is a function that notifies iPhone users of impending precipitation and offers forecasts to them through the Weather app. Although not particularly new, the feature was first only made available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. It is now accessible in more places, though. The data that Apple uses to deliver notifications to iPhone users “is given by Apple utilising data from National Weather Service,” according to Apple.

To Get Rain Alerts On iPhone Follow These Steps

  • Open the Weather app and tap on the List icon in the low-right corner
  • Tap on Enable Notifications
  • Now simply toggle on the Next-hour Precipitation option
  • Next, you will have to allow the Weather App to use location and you will get alerts on the iPhone of rains an hour or so in advance.


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