Google Pay Diwali Offer: Get Google Pay Rangoli or Flower Stamp With This Simple Method

Are you searching for the Google Pay Rangoli stamp or Flower stamp? Well, why not. Everyone is searching for the same, but there are few who have received the Rangoli and Flower Stamp. We tried a lot for these two stamps. But did not find any way to get these two stamps.

But finally, after two days, we have got a trick with which you can quickly get the Flower or Rangoli stamp on Google Pay. To the unaware, Google Pay has started the Diwali offer in which the people have to collect five stamps, and if they collect all the stamps, they are eligible for exciting cashback offers.

How To Get Google Pay Rangoli & Flower Stamp

1. Go to the Paytm App.
2. Now click on the Add money button
3. Enter the amount 35 or more.
4. Select the payment method
5. Choose Bhim UPI
6. Now Select Google Pay
7. Now enter the UPI pin of Google Pay account
8. The money will be added into paytm wallet, and you will get either the Flower stamp or the Rangoli Stamp.

Do tell us in comments about other methods to collect the other stamps. Everyone is looking to get these two stamps. Rest of the other three stamps are easy to collect and you can collect them easily be sending money to friends, scanning the images and by gift.

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