Free 500MB Daily Data With Airtel 249 Plan: Total 2GB Data Per Day

Airtel 249 Plan: Bharti Airtel is offering an extra 500MB of data on its prepaid plan 249. The telecom operator has introduced a new offer on its existing prepaid plan. With the new offer, now the plan offers 2GB of data instead of 1.5Gb data per day. What is the offer and how to claim the 500MB free data on Airtel, let’s find out below?

Free 500MB Daily Data With Airtel 249 Plan

Airtel 249 prepaid recharge plan is not a new plan. It is a monthly prepaid plan of Airtel in which the telecom operator is offering 1.5GB of data per day. Now, Airtel has just added some extra data to the plan with an offer. This data will not be automatically added to the daily data quota but users have to redeem it.

The extra data 500MB daily can be redeemed by the users on the Airtel Thanks app. Every day users will have to redeem the data in order to get an extra 500MB of data daily. Usually in total, the plan offers 42GB of data but if users claim their free data of 500MB daily, then this will become a total of 56GB.

Not only this, but the Airtel Thanks app also offers other benefits too that including a Free Amazon Prime Video mobile edition trial for one month and some other offers too.

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