Follow App Latest Update: Salary Of Follow App Users Will Be Issued In Real Or Not

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These are not the only sentences but there are many others that are similar to these but why we are sharing these? We are sharing these because these are the search terms that are still searched by people online. Why So? Because of the follow app.

Follow app, that app which was known to give extra income to many people but recently it was gone. The app is not running on phones, it is showing errors and when asked about the same, they said it is closed now. But why? Why? And from where to get the money that was added as the membership fee?

Follow App Latest Update

If you are a Follow App users, then you must have at least one group joined on Whatsapp which is related to Follow App latest updates. In the same groups there is a message surfaced today which shows that the company staff ran away and due to which salary of the people are not paid.

The message is as follow

” Hello everyone, because the financial staff of Follow company ran away the company’s salary funds, but I am still there. During this period of time, I have faced too much slander, but I will still be responsible for everyone’s salary. Now I have established a new company (PH), and now everyone can rejoin the company to make money. After you have worked for two months and stabilize the PH company, I will re-issue the salary of FOLLOW to everyone. I believe I will issue this notice. Many people still don’t believe it. If you don’t believe it, you don’t need to send me a message. I once said that salary is always the best proof. This is the link for the new company:
Let me make an analogy. For example, you used to be a director in Follow, then you must work in a VIP3 position in PH for two months before you can apply for a follow-up salary refund. After the upgrade of the new company is completed, I will find me for registration, I will record it, and the company will return the follow salary to everyone in two months! ! ! ! Please inform each other.”

At the end of the message it is written that the This message “After you have worked for two months and stabilize the PH company, I will re-issue the salary of FOLLOW to everyone.”

Now how much truth is there in this, is only known to the people who started the new company. Well, there is one more thing that you all need to know is that “For Earning Money You Have To Again Pay The Fee”. Think before investing again in this app.

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