Follow App Gone ! A New App Surfaced on Whatsapp Groups

Last week the FOLLOW App which was known to earn extra income online remain in news. The app was used to earn money online by completing tasks online. The task includes Like, Follow & Share. These are easy tasks and everyone started using the app and earning money online. But in the last week, the app said to pay the Green Channel Fees. No one knows what is it and how to pay the same.

Well, there were many messages that were shared on the app different groups on Whatsapp. The reality behind these messages was still a mystery. No one knows what is the reality. But the one’s who purchased the membership recently are in total loss. They lost every single penny. The membership fee and the earnings.

Now the app is totally closed and it is not wrong here to say that the FOLLOW APP WAS FRAUD. Maybe some people earn a lot of money but in the end, the app was gone and it take the hard-earned money of many people. Today i.e on 24th October, a new similar app like the Follow App has surfaced on the Watsapp groups. This is almost the same to Follow app. Read the details below.


There are many people who just purchased the membership of FOLLOW App recently. The app membership were as follow

Rs 3000 as regular staff that allow people to earn Rs 144 per day and Rs 4320 monthly
Rs 6000 as Manager that allow people to earn Rs 296 per day and Rs 8880 monthly
Rs 15000 as Director that allow people to earn Rs 744 per day and Rs 22320 monthly
Rs 45000 as General Manager that allow people to earn Rs 2175 per day and Rs 65250 monthly
Rs 90000 as Boss that allow people to earn Rs 4410 per day and Rs 132300 monthly
Rs 270000 as CEO that allow people to earn Rs 13500 per day and Rs 405000 monthly
Rs 600000 as CMO that allow people to earn Rs 30000 per day and Rs 900000 monthly

Now the app is not running. There are many chances that it is a fraud. But the latest message on the Watsapp group also makes it clear that the financial staff of Follow company ran away the company’s salary funds. Below is the screenshot of the message that has surfaced today. The message also shows that there is a new app that is live.



In the same message, it is also clearly written that the company has launched a new app. The new website or the app recently surfaced in the groups is named as PH COMPANY. If you have used the Follow app and lost your money then please think twice before investing in the same app. This website or the app has the same interface like the FOLLOW APP. It looks similar to the previous one.

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