Fix Aim Issues in Overwatch 2 With These Steps

In Overwatch 2, several players have observed that their aim seems a little off. Players have been complaining that it feels “wobbly” and no longer fluid all over the internet. Simply said, it’s different, but why?

Oddly enough, there is currently no solution to the puzzle of why Overwatch 2’s targeting feels off. Numerous theories have been put forth, including hit registration, inconsistent frame rates, and default mouse input settings. As of now, Blizzard has not addressed the aiming problem, leaving everything to conjecture until developers fix it.

There are a few ways for Overwatch gamers to sharpen their aim in the interim.

Fix aim issues in Overwatch 2

The first step is to select Gameplay from the Settings menu. Click to enable “High Precision Mouse Input” at the bottom. In Overwatch, this setting was always on, but in Overwatch 2, some players had it disabled.

You can also change your graphics settings as a second option. There can be some aim disparities if your game is being stressed to the limit. Do this:

  • Go to in-game settings
  • Turn off Dynamic and Automatic Resolution Scaling
  • Turn off FSR and DLSS
  • Cap the frame rate to one frame above your monitor’s refresh rate
  • Then turn off V-Sync

You can go back to the previous setting if this doesn’t work or you don’t like how it affected your game.

Next, adjust your aiming parameters. When it comes to targeting and sensitivity, everyone has different preferences. The default configurations might not be ideal for you. Select a sensitivity that enables you to move swiftly, comfortably, and smoothly.

While these adjustments might help, players won’t fully comprehend the weird aiming until Overwatch 2 developers release a fix.


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