Five Websites You Need To Know To Check Plagiarism Of A Content

Plagiarism is like a crime ! Yes, it is. If you are a writer and you are writing content by just copy pasting from other website, then it not a quality content and your written is a plagiarized content. When running a reputable business, writing a thesis for a university, or completing an important official publication, it is important to check your papers and posts for plagiarism. You should make sure that all of the content you post is original as you don’t want the content owner to track you and accuse you of using their content without their permission and even attract the attention of their lawyers.

If you have a blog, you need to write as much original content as possible so that you don’t get penalized by Google for duplicate content. In this article we will share the top 5 website that can be used for checking plagiarism of the content.

Five Websites You Need To Know To Check Plagiarism Of A Content


Well, the number one website in the list of websites where you can check the content originality is COPYSCAPE. It is a tool that is used by millions of people for checking the plagiarized content. Copyscape is not a free tool and you have to pay for it to check your content. The minimum amount with which you can buy credit is 5USD.


The next tool or website in the list of top 5 website for checking the plagiarism of content is GRAMMARLY. It is also a paid tool but if you want to try it as a free, then you can. Actually, the Pro or the paid version of the website offer various features while in the free version of Grammarly there are restricted features. It is a grammar tool also that helps in the checking the grammar mistakes. Plagiarism section of this tool comes in the pro version.


One of the most used free plagiarism checker is by SMALL SEO TOOLS. It is one of the oldest tool which is used to check plagiarism of the content. Not only plagiarism, but there are several other tools available on the website. The website also offers premium features but is paid.


Another name that comes in when looking for free plagiarism checker is QUE TEXT. It is a tool for plagiarism checker which can be use for free. The website also offers premium service that consists of various features.


It is a single tool that can be used for many purposes. Along with detecting plagiarism of the content, PRO WRITING AID can also be used to improve the language and also for spelling check. It is AI-controlled punctuation and spells checker. Just like other tools, it also offers premium service. The monthly subscription of this tool starts at Rs 1100 while the yearly subscription costs Rs 4345. If you want a lifetime subscription, then you have to pay Rs 21945

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