Emirates Airlines Not Allow Chris Gayle To Board Flight, Details Inside

On Monday (4th November), Chris Gayle, West Indies Cricket player lashed out on the Emirates Airlines for not boarding on the flight. The Airlines do not allow the player to board on the flight despite a confirmed ticket. Chris Gayle tells the whole experience on its official twitter handle.

The batsman wrote on Twitter “So disappointed @emirates, I have a confirmed flight and they gonna tell me that they are overbooked, WTF! Not only that, @emirates want me to travel economy when it’s a business class ticket – so now I have to travel on a later flight! Just ridiculous @emirates! Bad experience” See the tweet below

Chris Gayle has played 103 test matches and 300 ODI’s. He was seen last in an international match against India in August. In that match, he scored 72 runs in just 42 balls. He is the highest run-scorer among the West Indies team. Gayle highest score in the ODI’s matches is 215. While in the test matches his highest score is 333 runs. In the T20I, his highest score is 117 while in IPL, his highest score is 175.

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