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Earn Money Online By Youtube: Simple & Easy Tips

Earn Money Online, it is a common search term that everyone once in a lifetime has searched for it. Well, if it is searched many times, then there must be some reason behind this search. Yes, it’s true. One can easily Earn Money Online. There are several ways in which one can make money online and live a quality life. Here in this article, we are going to share the details regarding how to make money online via Youtube. 

Read this article till the end and you will definitely know how you can make a living by earning money with Youtube. There are millions of people who are earning a solid income with the help of Youtube. If you don’t believe us, then search online how to make money online via youtube. You will definitely find several things, articles, and videos telling how you can make money online via Youtube.  

Earn Money From Youtube

In a single line, if we want to describe how to earn money from youtube, then it is “Create & Post Videos”. Now the question is how? You must have seen several videos created by the Youtube creators. These videos are Educational, Funny, Travel, How To Do, and many more. These are interesting niches and people love to see these types of videos. An informational video is what people like the most and next comes the funny video. 

We are not saying that you should also create this type of video. You can choose any niche. Like, these days gaming videos are more popular. Youngsters are making videos online on Youtube on various games. Search for a niche and start working on the same. 

Posting Videos on Youtube Makes Money

Posting Videos on Youtube Makes money? No. Just posting videos will not help you earn money via Youtube. There are several other things that need to be done before thinking about money. There are some criteria that need to be completed. What are those criteria? Its explained below

  • The first thing is you need to have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel
  • The watch time hours must be 4000 hours or more
  • There must be 0 active Community Guidelines strikes
  • 2 Step verification must be active

To easily understand this, we are sharing a screenshot of our newly gaming channel

Youtube Make online Money Earn Money via Youtube

Once you complete all these criteria you will be able to earn money via Youtube. The last two criteria are easy to complete but the main thing is to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. These are tough tasks. But remember one thing

“If your videos are good, knowledgeable, and funny, then you can get these all criteria done in minimum time”

What’s Next?

Yes, what next. When you are eligible for monetization, youtube will send you an email saying that you are eligible to apply for monetization. After the application process, you can put ads on your videos and start earning via Youtube. 

That’s all in this article. In the next article, we will share the tips regarding the best software for Youtube to gain more views on youtube to increase the watch time.  

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