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Download Tango Videos Online With These Easy Steps

download tango videos

Tango users are increasing day by day. The popularity of the app is increasing. people can go live and talk with their fans and friends online. But there is a question that still exists and the question is how to download tango videos or how to record tango videos online. While this is a tough task to some people while some people already know how they can record tango videos.

In this article, we will share some of the easy steps that will show you how you can easily record tango shows, tango videos, tango private shows. Read this article till the end to find out the steps to download tango private shows.

How To Download or Record Tango Private Shows & Normal Videos

Well, if you are the one who is always looking for software or app online that can help you record private shows and videos on tango then this article is for you. First of all, we must know what is normal show and what are private show.

In short, both are the same but users on tango often ask you to pay some amount if you want to watch their private show. If you are new, then you must know this thing that Tango Private show can be 18+. So enter carefully.

So if you want to enter any private show on Tango you have to give that user some coins. These coins can be purchased via wallets or credit cards.

Steps To Record Tango Videos On Your Phone

So moving ahead, let’s know how to download private shows or record tango private shows online on your phone. Below are the steps.

1. First of all you need to make an account on Tango. For this download, the Tango app from Google Play store and make an account with your email.
2. Now add some credit or coins to the Tango wallet
3. Add friends or follow some people.
4. Now install opera on your phone from Google Play Store
5. Open Google Play store and search for the app called V Recorder
6. Install the app and run it.

These are the apps that you need to download tango private shows and private videos.

Now the next step is how to record. Below are the steps

1. Open opera and type and hit enter
2. Now login with the credentials.
3. Now run the app V Recorder
4. Don’t start recording.
5. Enter in the private show of anyone.
6. Once you enter after paying coins, you can start the recorder app and it will start recording the tango private show.
7. When you want to stop it click on stop and the video or the tango private show will be saved in the gallery.
8. Open it and play it.

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