Download Google Task Mate to Earn Money Online From Home

Looking out for opportunities to earn money from home? Well, use google app to earn money. Google has given way to task mate, popularly known as google task mate. This app will allow you to earn money online by completing certain relevant tasks. Read the entire article to understand the working of Google task mate.

What is Google Task Mate?

It is an app that allows users to earn money in local currency by performing some given surveys on their smartphones. The surveys are associated with the growth of local businesses and the progress of their search results. It is also used to refine the google mapping services.

There are different types of tasks that the task mate offers. These can either be sitting tasks or field tasks. A user is required to put in recorded sentences and answer simple survey questions under the sitting task’s category whereas, in field task, he is supposed to visit nearby locations as per the questions asked.

However, the task mate is in the Beta test phase. Only a limited number of users can obtain access to use this, as of now. Nevertheless, anyone can download this app but only a specific group of people can move further with using the app. This is because, it is based on an ‘on-invite system’, that is, you can only get a passage to undertake surveys if you get an invitation code for task mate. The invite contains a referral code. You can chose any task as per your preference.

Ways of Earning Money on Google Task Mate

Google will post some relevant tasks on task mate and you have to complete it under a certain amount of time. Your answers will be reviewed by the app simultaneously. Every task possesses a particular defined amount.
Well now, in order to money, you are supposed to register an E-wallet on the app. Once you’ve done that, you are all set to jump to the profile page and click on the ‘cash-out’ button. With this, you can withdraw your amount.

You can download the Google Task Mate application from the Google Play Store. However, as of now, you can only use the app via invitation code.

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