Don’t Forget To Take a Trip to These 5 best Shopping Places in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is one of the main cities of Punjab which is touching the cords of modernization. From big eatery brands to big shopping labels, you’ll find so much here. Anyways, you’ll have to believe that there is so much that you will see in the city in the coming times. Well, in this article, we will give you a small description of the top 5 best shopping places in Ludhiana.

5 Best Shopping Places in Ludhiana

MBD Mall Ludhiana

This is one of the most famous shopping malls in Ludhiana. You will see some of the best brands for shopping here. It is a huge place with a variety of things to keep your hands on. You’ll find clothes, accessories, footwear, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids wardrobe and what not. The mall is surrounded by an elegant and pleasant environment.

Kalyan Nagar Ludhiana

Welcome to one of the traditional places for shopping in Ludhiana. Adding to this, it is an exclusively popular shopping street in the city. There is nothing you cannot get here. Just keep looking for what you want and most importantly, keep going. From traditional pieces to contemporary articles, you will get everything here. People make a visit to this market from far off places. Well, surely, this marketplace is a paradise for shopaholics.

Kochar Market

You are from Ludhiana and you have not made a visit to this market? Well, that is an impossible thing to come across. Kochar market is well-known for the variety of accessories it offers. From small rings and bangles to a big set of earrings, you will find everything here. Moreover, you will come across some traditional jewellery sets in this market place. It is a customer-friendly place and is easily accessible.

Ghumar Mandi

Well, if we talk about the best of shopping places in Ludhiana, it is nearly unimaginable to forget to mention this market place. You will get every shopping item, here at this place. Whenever we talk about shopping, Ghumar Mandi is the first place in Ludhiana that hits the mind.

Model Town Extension Market

This place is notable for the variety of woollen garments it holds. For the people who have a sweet tooth, this place is for you. Well, never miss shopping for your best items in winters from this lovely marketplace.
So, to all Ludhiana people out there, pack your bags and leave for shopping.

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