Diabetes can Affect The Sex Life of Male & Female, Here’s How

Diabetes can directly affect the sex life of males and females. It can impact every aspect of life. How Can Diabetes affect sexual life? When Diabetesdiabetes occurs, our body does not produce insulin properly, and this results in high blood sugar levels. This can lead to further complications which include nerve damage and also some cardiovascular problems. Both of these are responsible for sexual life.

Diabetes is a severe problem. This causes the victim to face issues related to every aspect of life. Also, the sex life of diabetes patients is not safe from the effects of Diabetesdiabetes. Person interest in sex decreases if they have Diabetesdiabetes. With this, both male and female partners don’t enjoy sex life. But there is no need to panic because by identifying its symptoms, you can make sex fun and increase your sexual satisfaction time.

How Sex Life is Affected

People with Diabetes have constant fat and calcium accumulation in the blood vessels. When the deposition of fat become so high, then the blood vessels shrink and shrink, start shrinking. And with this, the transfer of blood to the penis is affected severely. As a result, there is a problem in the erection of the penis.

Lack of Sex Hormone

Another reason for decreased sex capacity in Diabetes is lack of hormones in the blood like testosterone. Diabetes is often a thyroid problem. Sex is also affected by the lack of thyroid hormones in the blood. Diabetes patients often suffer from blood pressure problems as well and medications given to control blood pressure also partially affect sex ability.

Who have More Impact Male or Female

Impact on Women

The effect of Diabetes in the sexual life of male and female is equal and similar. In women, this can affect the ability of arousal and sexual stimulation. Vaginal lubricant is also affected by Diabetes in women. It results in a condition of painful sex. Also, the strength of experiencing orgasm is reduced. If compared with men, women get more infections as a result of Diabetes . Some of the infections include the thrush, cystitis, UTI etc.

Impact on Men

Significant blood flow is needed in the penis for an erection. As the testosterone levels are reduced in Diabetes, and this affects the sexual drive. For a male erection in penis regular and significant blood flow is required. Diabetes damages the blood vessels, and it affects the flow of blood to the penis.

Overall Sexual Drive Decreased in Diabetes

Most of the people who have Diabetes often feel tired. Some of them also have issues in health concerns. And all these factors are responsible for the decrease in the overall sex drive. Well, both men and women have an equal impact of Diabetes on their sexual life.

An insulin pump is used to provide the required insulin to the body. With this pump, it becomes easy for the body to maintain sugar levels. And when the sugar levels are maintained, one can enjoy sex more.

Treatment of Diabetes

Once the Diabetes is cured the effects of it on the sexual life will automatically be cured. There are many medicines for diabetes available in the market that can help in maintaining blood sugar levels. But consuming so many allopathic medicines can leave a side effect on the liver and be on the safe side, it is advised to have ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. Well, the best part of the ayurvedic products is that there are no side effects.

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