Delete Instagram Account With These Easy Steps

How to Delete Instagram Account, how to permanently delete an Instagram account, how to temporarily deactivate an Instagram account and many more. There are several searches related to Instagram account deletion that people perform. Well, why delete Instagram account? There may be many reasons. But you know what, you can delete your Instagram account in just a few steps. Let’s find out below, how to delete an Instagram account easily.

Steps To Delete Instagram Account

The steps to delete Instgram Account are also available on Instagram. Here we will also explain the steps in details which will help you delete your Instagram account.

From PC

If you are using Instagram on a PC, then you will first have to visit this page – By opening this link, you will see a question saying “Why do you want to delete <username>”. Choose the appropriate option and then enter your password. After that click on the Delete button.

Once you click on the Delete button, it will give you 30 days. After 30 days the account will be deleted permanently. In case you change your mind, then you can log in back to your account before the completion of 30 days and choose – keep your account.

From App

First of all you will have to click on the profile pictures of yours. Now click on the three lines and then go to the settings. In the settings option, you will have to click on the Account and then Delete Account button. After then again click on Continue Deleting Account. It will ask you Why Do You Want To Delete Your <Account>. Choose correct reason and click on Delete.

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