Deficiency of Vitamin D in Body Can Lead To Various & Severe Problems: Symptoms & Other Details

Bone density is directly related to Vitamin D. When there is Vitamin D deficiency in the body it can lead to the loss of bone density. It can further lead to osteoporosis and fractures. There are some other diseases that can be the result of the deficiency of Vitamin D. Here in this article we will find out the diseases that can occur due to the deficiency of this Vitamin. Check it out.


Vitamin D helps the body to function properly. If there is a deficiency of this Vitamin in the body several problems can occur. It is one of the Vitamins that help the body to stay healthy. This Vitamin has many functions such as:


What happens when your bones are not strong? This results in various severe conditions. One can fall prey to the disease called rickets. Deficiency of D vitamin can lead to rickets in children. In adults, it can lead to pain in joints, loss of bone density, and other diseases related to bones.


Along with Calcium, Vitamin D helps build bones and keep bones strong and healthy. If our body bones are not enough strong, then this can lead to Osteoporosis. And further, this disease can lead to fractures.


The parathyroid glands in the body work minute to minute to balance the level of the calcium in the blood. When there is a sufficient amount of calcium in the diet and proper amount of Vitamin D, the dietary calcium is absorbed and put to good use. But in the case, when the calcium intake is insufficient or Vitamin D is low, calcium is taken from the Skelton to keep the blood calcium in the normal range.


1. Feeling tired.
2. Feeling pain and weakness in bones. Apart from this, constant pain in the muscles of different parts of the body is also a symptom of this.
3. Staying under stress can also be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. Depression or stress problems are usually more due to a lack of vitamin D in women.
4. Hair loss.
5. Injuries take a long time to heal.
6. Vitamin D deficiency affects your mood. Vitamin D deficiency affects the serotonin hormone that further creates the problem of mood swings.
7. In the case of acute deficiency of Vitamin D, there is a pain in bone breakdown, especially in thighs, pelvis, and hips due to slight injury.


– Use more sunscreen than necessary. By doing this, the rays of the sun do not reach the skin.
– Living in a place where there is less sunlight.
– It can happen due to living in high pollution environment.
– Due to spending more time indoors.
– Due to not taking a diet rich in vitamin D.


A person suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin D can take the vitamin orally or naturally. Sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D. But in any case, if you don’t have time to sit in the sunlight, then you can take it orally through nutritional supplements. A proper diet can also balance the level of Vitamin D in the body.


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