Corona Virus Symptoms Sighted in Kids These Days

Covid-19 has given rise to new norms and models in the world. The new normal still seems hard to accept. Adding to this, the eldest of generations were completely susceptible during the pandemic. Also, the world has stayed extra careful when it comes to children. As per recent studies, a new disease called Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome(MIS) is being seen in minors.

These are some of the normal Covid-19 symptoms that are being seen in people.
•Sore throat
•Loss of sense of smell
•Body aches

Well, these are some of the common symptoms of Covid.

Recent Covid-19 symptoms which are being seen in kids

The time when Pandemic was at a peak, The New York Medics examined that about 25 out of 35 children who were infected by Covid-19 were seen meeting the bars of MIS.

It is said that kids who develop this condition are likely to get inflammation in some of their organs such as lungs, kidney, digestive systems, eyes, brains etc.

Children who have come across this condition of MIS, show some following mentioned symptoms. However, these symptoms are different from those common already mentioned symptoms. Have a look.

•Inflammation around eyes
•Cracked lips with extreme dryness around
•Redness on fingers and toes
•Visible swelling in the neck because of some swollen glands there
•Rashes on the body

Therefore, if you see any such symptoms in your child, report to your doctor as soon as possible.


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