Change You Airtel Fiber Broadband Password From Your Phone With These Easy Steps

Bharti Airtel is offering several plans under its Airtel Fiber Broadband. The plans start from Rs 499 and go up to the Rs 3999 plan. Overall there is a total of 5 different plans available under Airtel Fiber Broadband plans. The starting speed of the Airtel plans is 40Mbps and it goes up to 1Gbps. The users of Airtel broadband plans can check the data usage from the Airtel Xtream Fiber app.

The Airtel Xtream Fiber app also provides various other things that include rebooting the router, Wifi optimization, internet speed check, Guest Wifi, Wifi coverage analysis, quick diagnostic etc. Wifi Setting is a beneficial thing that is available in this app. With this setting, users can change their wifi password right from their mobile phone. There is no need for web login. Below are some of the easy steps with which you can change the Wifi password of Aitel Fiber Broadband.

Airtel Fiber Broadband Password Change (Step By Step)

To change the password of the Airtel Fiber plan, there are a few steps that you need to do. These are easy steps one and do need not any expertise. Follow these steps and change the password of Airtel broadband right from your mobile.

  • From Google Play Store, download the Airtel Xtream Fiber app.
  • After installing it, log in with the registered mobile number.
  • Open it and you will see various options and settings.
  • Click on the Wifi Settings
  • Now choose the new Wifi Name and Password. The app gives you the option if you want to keep the same name for both the wifi or a different name. All those users who are using the Airtel Broadband plan are aware of this thing that Fiber Broadband Plans of Airtel gives you two connections. One is 2.4Ghz and the other is 5Ghz.
  • Now enter your name and password and click on Submit. That’s it. Your Wifi password and Wifi name will be changed.

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