Chandigarh’s Administration’s Revised Guidelines for Isolated Patients | Know Here

The Chandigarh UT administration is still on talks to decide on the revised guidelines which have been formulated by the Central Government. As per the policy, it has been said that the cases which are mild or moderate in nature, those who have completed a period of 10 days in the hospital shall be discharged without another testing for the virus. 

As per the stats, currently, the Chandigarh UT has as many as 50 cases that have completed this period of 10 days and a decision in respect to their discharge is still awaited. The UT administration is yet to decide whether these patients should be discharged with a continuation of home isolation for an added period of 7 days or not. 

The revised guidelines suggest that the cases belonging to the mild, very mild as well as the pre-symptomatic category can be sent home if there are no symptoms for 10 days and no fever for a period of 3 days. It should be noted that the saturation level of 95% shall pertain for the next 4 days without oxygen support, he/she would be sent home. This will be followed by home isolation. 

The Chandigarh administration recently witnessed a hike of a quantum of 62% of the cases in Chandigarh which belonged to the Bapu Dham Colony. This decision of home isolation would be difficult as well as the possibility of social distancing would be high in the area. The overall idea might be quite challenging for the administration. 


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