Chandigarh Schools to be a part of Fit India Campaign

The Government of India has launched the Fit India campaign in order to ensure that the citizen of the nation is on a path to gain fitness and opt for a healthy lifestyle. As per the officials have stated, the Chandigarh UT has taken a good step by introducing the idea of open gyms and promotion of the same as well. This is a campaign launched for the general public and thus is public in nature, the importance of staying fit is highlighted. 

Recently, a meeting with the senior officials was organized which was addressed by the Chief Secretary in which he highlighted the importance as well as the necessity for the school students to make use of the open gyms. In addition to this, he further said that all the government secondary schools should have the sanitary vending machines as well as the incinerators to that the disposal of the same is proper. All this is related to the importance and the need for health and proper sanitization. 

There have been educational institutions constructed in recent times in as many as 8 districts which were identified by the NITI Aayog. It has been made mandatory for them to make use of the solar panels in order to generate power along with proper use of the required furniture. The computer and language labs are also required for the development of proper language skills of the students. Additional classrooms on the requirement at various places is another thing as mentioned in the meeting held. 


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