Bhumi Amla is a Medicinal Plant: Properties, Benefits, Home Remedies & Side-Effects

Bhumi Amla is an ayurvedic remedy that is used for the treatment of various diseases. It has several other names but mostly it is known by Bhum Amla. Bhumi Amla is a small plant that is found or presents in the land in the rainy reason. It has a small fruit that has the seeds inside it. The flowers of the plant are pale in color. 


There are several other names of Bhumi Amla. The common name of Bhumi Amla are Phyllanthus, Stonebreaker, and a gale of wind. The Sanskrit name of Bhumi Amla is Bahupatra and Tamalaki. The Hindi name of the Bhumi Amla is Bhumi Amla, Jangli amlai etc. In Marathi, Bhumi Amla is known as the Bhui Avla, and Bhui Amla. In Kannada, it is known as the Bhu Nelli and Nelaneli. It is known as the Kilanelli on Tamil. In Telugu, it is known as the Nela Usiraka. In Urdu, it is known as Bhumi Amla and in Spanish, it is known as Chanca Piedra.


As this is an herbal plant, there are no such hazardous side effects of this plan. But still one must take some precautions before using this.  

Bhumi Amla is unsafe in the case of pregnancy and breastfeeding. A large amount of it might block pregnancy and also increase the risk of low birth rate. If you are pregnant, going to be pregnant or breastfeeding then avoid the use of the Bhumi Amla. 

It is also said that taking or chewing this plant might affect the level of blood sugar. To know if Chanca Piedra really affects the blood sugar level, monitor your blood sugar carefully if you have diabetes and use chanca piedra.


It is Antispasmodic, Astringent, Anthelmintic, Appetizer, Hepatoprotective, Hypoglycemic, Hypotensive, Anti-viral, Laxative, Analgesic, Tonic, Febrifugal, Vermifugal, Emmenagogue, and Diuretic. 


As per Ayurveda, Bhumi Amla is a very beneficial medicine in some diseases. This herb is very effective for patients suffering from Anemia. It is a beneficial remedy in bleeding disorders such as heavy periods etc. In toxic conditions, it is effective. It is beneficial in all types of skin diseases. In terms of burning sensation, Bhumi Amla is very effective. If someone is suffering from Cough and Cold problems, Bhumi Amla plays a beneficial role.

The juice of the Bhumi Amla is used for various medical disorders such as the loss of appetite, anorexia, thirst, dysentery conditions, etc. Chewing Bhumi Amla on empty stomach helps in balancing the doshas. For the skin infections, bhumi Amla leaves paste is beneficial. Bhumi Amla juice is also beneficial for indigestion, anemia, anorexia, etc. 


– It is used to cure fatty liver if taken 40 grams per day for a few days. 
– For relief from skin swelling, heating and itching Bhumi Amla is beneficial. 
– It helps in reducing congestion, leucorrhoea, and painful urination.  
– Bhumi Amla is Anti-Diabetic hence it reduces the blood sugar level. To control diabetes one must take the 10 to 20 ml Bhumi Amla juice
– For the relief in jaundice, take 3 to 6 grams of root powder of Bhumi Amla.


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