Best VPN Chrome Extension To Open Blocked Websites

Everyone is aware of the thing VPN. Even a small school going kid also know why VPN is used and what are the benefits. If you are reading this first time, then go and check out our one more article – Why VPN is Good Or Bad. Well, let’s come to the point i.e the Chrome extension for VPN. We all know how important is VPN. The main reason why people use VPN is to hide their identity and another reason is to open blocked websites.

Websites like extratorrent, porn websites and other websites are blocked in India. But if you have a VPN you can easily open them. Search on Google, “Best VPN, VPN for chrome” etc. you will find several results. But the main thing is which one to choose. Everything comes with pros and cons. You only have to decide whether you want to go with software or an extension.

Here in this article, we are sharing one such chrome VPN extension with which you can easily open blocked websites, hide your exact location and many more. Read the full article to know more.

VPN Chrome Extension To Open Blocked Websites

In Google Chrome you can easily find extensions for your every use. But finding the correct one is not an easy task. For VPN, there are several extensions. One such extension is VeePN. This VPN extension is easy to use and one can easily install. Below are the steps to install it.

Free chrome VPN extension

1. Open Google and then search for Free VPN for Chrome
2. Now click on the Free VPN For chrome- VPn Proxy VeePN
3. Install the extension.
4. After successful installation, pin it.
5. Now whenever you want to use the VPN, click on it and press it power button. And here you go………

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