Best Places to Visit in Himachal This Winter

Well, Himachal tourism has gained a lot of popularity and fashionableness for itself, not only in India but all over the world. It’s scenic beauty has the hearts of many. People from far off places visit this place during winters to see the beautiful and pleasing blend of snowfall. In this article, we will mention 5 of the best places in Himachal to visit in January 2021.

Best Places to Visit in Himachal This Winter


This place is named as the ‘mini Switzerland of India.’ Well, it completely justifies the name. It lies in the dense deodar forests and the pretty-looking snow-capped Himalayas. You will get to see the bizarre wildlife at the Kalatop wildlife sanctuary. The place is covered in greenery and you might not want to leave once you get in there.


‘The queen of hills – Shimla‘ is the best version of any hill station to come across. It is a beautiful looking place with hills and huts all around. The forever famous mall road is one of the main spots for tourists. You will get to witness some colonial-era architecture enclosing the Town Hall, the Christ Church, Gaiety Theatre etc. For all the snow enthusiasts, this place becomes a lovely little paradise when covered with snow. Its one of the best places to visit.


It is located in the upper stretches of Kangra Valley. The place has a number of cafes and restaurants. The architectural beauty is something to remember. If you have ever visited the place, you cannot deny the fact that Dharamshala enjoys the best of climates in Himachal. You will come across the Indian as well Tibetan communities living peacefully here. Mc Leod Ganj, Naddi, Sindhbari are some worthy places to explore there.


Talking of Himachal and haven’t heard of Manali? Well, that’s something impossible to come across. The lush green sceneries, waterfalls, snow-covered mountains are a treat to the eyes and relief to the soul. Manali is situated at an altitude of 2050 meters on the river Beas valley. This hill station, wrapped up in the snow, deserves a visit and eventually, a stay.


This place keeps nature close to itself. If you admire the serenity of nature, then, this place is for you to visit. Banni Mata and Laxmi Narayan Temples are the major attractions here. It will take you less than a day to explore this place. It is 900 meters above sea level.

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