Best of 5 Famous Parks in Ludhiana Where You Can Roam

Ludhiana- The smart city, is developing at a great pace. With too many things to be seen, it is, however, famous for its parks. In fact, every park in Ludhiana has its own charm and importance for some specific things. They are located at different locations and serve various purposes.

Read the entire article to have a glimpse of the top 5 famous parks in Ludhiana.

Best of 5 Famous Parks in Ludhiana

Hardy’s World

Well, the name is enough to define this popular amusement park in the outskirts of Ludhiana. It is too much famous all over India as well. With its advanced water rides, it has remained everyone’s favourite throughout. The thrilling rides and adventurous atmosphere attracts people from all over the world to this amazing place. From rides for kids to gigantic rides, the park has earned a name for itself. It is a place for locals as well as tourists. The theme parties, pleasurable rides and shopping complexes are some of the primes to be seen here.

Nehru Rose Garden

This park was established in 1967 in Ludhiana. This is one of the most well-known, oldest and well-established parks in Asia. The park has swings, playing areas, musical fountains and whatnot. People gather here for morning yoga sessions, morning walks, evening exercises etc. Moreover, it is a fun park for children as well. People visit here for one-day picnic sessions and enjoy to the fullest. Furthermore, the vibe that this park offers cannot be compared to anything else. Different plays and sports are organized there on a regular basis. Also, if you want to go on a romantic tour somewhere in Ludhiana, then, Nehru rose garden has all of it for you.

Leisure Valley

This is considered to be one of the most cheerful and beautiful parks in Ludhiana. Morning joggers are all up for this place. Here, every type of outdoor sport takes place. The greenery it offers is incredibly pleasing. Adding to this, it is designed in a wonderful way with concrete pathways, bright-coloured blossoms and gardens all around. This park is in the middle of the city and it is convenient for people to visit the place and cherish its elegance.

Rakh Bagh

It is one of the popular places to get yourselves loosened up in the middle of the quick and busy city life. This place serves as a decent picnic spot and offers possibilities’ for numerous campaign activities. The main grace of the park is the mini train that runs across the park giving its magnificent grace. Adding to this, it is a good place for all the mates to hang out.

Atam Park

Atam park is known as Magarmach park in Ludhiana. It has a big crocodile statue with its name on the top. The park is spread over a big area with its beautiful layout. It possesses greenery and gives away all the fresh air. Along with this, it has some basic swings which allow kids to enjoy.

So this is all about the best 5 parks in Ludhiana. If you have any other name of parks in Ludhiana, then feel free to comment. We will surely add that in our list.

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