Back Pain: Home Remedies To Relieve Backache

Pain in the back is a common complaint these days. Not only older people but youngsters also complaint of back pain. The main reason for back pain is the disorganized lifestyle and manual labor. Some symptoms of backache are pain around the waist or hips, loss of spinal flexibility and difficulty in sleeping.

Most people feel pain in the middle or lower part of the waist. This pain can spread to both the waist and the hips. The problem of back pain increases with increasing age. The result creates trouble in working. By changing some habits, this can be cured.


In most cases back pain occurs due to excessive strain on muscles, Overweight, the Wrong posture of sitting, Always wear high-heeled shoes or sandals, lifting the excess weight, Diseases of the body for a long time or Sleeping on more soft mattresses or in the wrong posture. There are many other reasons why the pain in back occurs.

Backache can be caused by a number of reasons such as muscle tension, improper diet, lack of physical activity, arthritis, excessive physical function, poor seating, and pregnancy.


1. Take warm water. Add salt to it. Now Put a towel in the warm salt-water and after a few seconds squeeze it. Now lie on your stomach and place the towel on the area of the pain. This remedy is a surefire solution to relieve the Backache.

2. Take a frying pan. Add two to three spoons of salt in the pan and bake it well. Now put this salt on a cotton cloth and tie it properly in such a way that it becomes a bundle. By compressing this bundle on the waist, it also provides relief from pain.

3. Proper use of garlic in food can also help in back pain. Garlic is considered a good treatment for back pain. Chronic or severe Backache can also be cured with the use of garlic.

4. If you have back pain, you should drink Dashmool decoction (काढ़ा) in the morning and evening. Since constipation is believed to be the root cause of Backache, small amounts of castor oil should be consumed when constipation occurs. Soak wheat in the water at night and mix them in milk in the morning with poppy seeds and coriander seeds. Using it twice a week not only cures back pain but also increases strength in the body.

5. Cinnamon also helps in the back pain. Mix 2 grams of Cinnamon with one spoon of honey and consume it two times a day. It will definitely give relief in Backache.

6. Heat three to four buds of garlic in mustard oil or coconut oil every morning (till the garlic buds turn black), then cool and massage the affected area.

7. Masala Tea can also help in getting relief from back pain. To make Masala tea, grind 5 black pepper, 5 cloves and add some dry ginger powder. Drink this tea twice a day.


1. Don’t sit in the same position while working. Change your position or take a break between 1-2 hours. Walk in that break.

2. Exercise should also be done for Backache. Walking, swimming or cycling are safe exercises. While swimming reduces weight, it is also beneficial for the waist. The waist should be kept straight while cycling. Exercise will give muscle strength and it also helps in weight management.

3. Lack of calcium can lead to back pain. In this case, one must have to consume calcium-rich food.

4. Don’t try to lift heavy weights if you are having pain in the back. Don’t try to lift anything from the ground. It can be harmful to you.


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