Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Diabetes & Other Important Details

Diabetes is a disease but in Ayurveda, it is not considered as a minor disease but a major disease. Why major disease? Because it is not treated by a mere medicine and if not treated on time then it can lead to several other complications. And these complications are not good for the body and health.

As per the Ayurveda, there are many types of diabetes. Approximately 20 types of diabetes can suffer a human being. Out of the 20 types of diabetes, 4 types of diabetes are due to Vata, 6 diabetes types are due to Pitta and other 10 types are caused by Kapha.

Before proceeding further towards the home remedies of diabetes we must know what is diabetes and how it causes? Diabetes is a result of increased blood sugar levels in the body. When it is increased the normal limit then it results in Diabetes. This happens due to the lack of insulin. When we eat food it is broken down into glucose.

With the lack of insulin in the body, the glucose won’t break down into energy. In this case the blood sugar levels of the body increase. How lack of insulin can cause diabetes? This is because insulin is a necessary hormone that is used to change glucose into energy. If we select allopathy then a single drug with some pills and injection can cure diabetes. But the reliable method to treat diabetes is Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda reaches the heart of the disease and then kill the root cause of it.


AMLA: Amla can be very beneficial for treating and curing diabetes. This is one of the easiest home remedies for diabetes. First of all, get three seedless amla or Indian gooseberry. Grind all the Amla and make a fine paste. After that, strain the paste and get the juice. Keep the juice. Every morning mix two spoons of juice with water take it with an empty stomach. Amla is very rich in Vitamin C and it also increases the pancreas function.

BITTER GOURD: The second method or the home remedy is associated with bitter gourd (करेला ). If you will add bitter gourd to your diet then it is perfect for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. One can have bitter gourd juice or in the dish. If you want to take it as juice, then extract the juice from bitter gourd and have it every morning with an empty stomach. Bitter gourd increases the secretion of the pancreatic insulin.

CINNAMON: Another home remedy for diabetes is Cinnamon (दालचीनी). It helps in stimulating insulin activity. It also has bioactive components that help in preventing and fighting with diabetes. One can take a cup of cinnamon water daily. In warm water, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and drink it.

ALOE VERA JUICE: Aloe vera juice is a good home remedy for diabetes. It can regulate and control blood sugar levels. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric and bay leaf each with aloe vera juice and then drink it twice a day.


– Drinking water from a copper vessel every morning. Add one cup of water in a copper vessel every night and drink it the next morning.
– Follow the Kapha pacifying diet. Avoid the intake of sweets and dairy products. Bitter herbs and vegetables can be a good option.
– Add turmeric to the daily diet.
– Consume soaked methi dana in water every morning.
– In reducing the Kapha from the body system, ginger tea can help.

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