Arousal Disorder in Females: Symptoms & Causes

Sexual problems in women are one of the common problems, and it keeps fluctuating with time. But a substantial or total lack of interest in sex or difficulty responding to the stimulation indicates female sexual interest or arousal disorder. 

What is Female Arousal Disorder?

Arousal disorder is described as the loss or significant reduction in sexual desire or physical arousal in females. Lack of lubrication and swelling in female genitals are also the cause of sexual dysfunction. However, it is not clear how many people experience arousal disorder, but it is pretty standard in males and females. 

A meta-analysis that happened in 2016 suggests that around 40.9% of premenopausal women worldwide experience at least one type of sexual dysfunction. 

Sign and Symptoms of Arousal Disorder

Some of the common symptoms of arousal disorders are-

  • Reduced interest in sex
  • No interest in sex
  • No thought about sex
  • Few thought about sex
  • Decreased sexual arousal 
  • Lack of pleasure during sexual activity
  • No initiation of sexual activity
  • Zero sensation in the genitals

If these symptoms last for more than six months, it means that you need to see a doctor. These symptoms are not more accurately explained in nonsexual, mental health disorders, domestic abuse, medication, substance abuse, or other medical conditions.

Causes of Arousal Disorder in Females

Sometimes, sexual desire and arousal become complex. Many factors influence the amount and type of sexual desire a person experiences and how their body responds to intimacy and sexual activities. There are various factors due to which the Problem of sexual disorder happens. 

Relationship Dissatisfaction

Problems in a relationship are a risk factor for sexual dysfunction in females. It might be the result of lack of communication, lack of emotional intimacy and unresolved conflicts. Sometimes, the mental and physical health of the partner can also cause a lack of interest in sex. 

Mental Health

A negative self-image or lack of confidence for self could also cause arousal disorder. Sometimes, stress, anxiety, and depression can also decrease the desire to have sex. People going through this Problem might have experienced emotional or sexual abuse in their lifetime. A study suggests that sexual trauma, like childhood sexual abuse, can lead to shame in future experiences and contribute to sexual dysfunction. 

Negative Beliefs Surrounding Sex

There are so many beliefs about sex that are not entirely right. It can be personal, cultural, or religious beliefs, and these beliefs can play a significant role in arousal disorder. Those who believe in traditional gender roles may feel that they should not play an active role in sex, and therefore, they could not enjoy the intimacy. It can create a feeling of shame while having sex. 


Arousal dysfunction or lack of interest in sex could be a significant problem in someone’s life. Therefore consult a doctor whenever you feel such symptoms. Female sex problems can be cured if diagnosed properly. But you need to consult a doctor without any shame. 


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