Apple iPhone 5c To Become Obsolete Next Month

The Apple iPhone 5c might soon be a dated model. According to a report from MacRumours, the Cupertino-based corporation informed authorised Apple dealers in a memo that the iPhone 5c would be put to the list of obsolete products on November 1. The smartphone was included to the Vintage product list for the unversed in October 2020. Since then, there have been few service and repair options for the gadget. Apple will end all service plans for the iPhone 5c because the device is now outdated.

Apple released the iPhone 5C in 2013. Back then, the iPhone had a plastic back and was inexpensive. The phone came in Blue, Green, Pink, White, and Yellow as options for colour.

On November 1, Apple will mark the iPhone 5c as an obsolete product, ending all repairs and services, the report said.

Apple also said in the memo it would mark the third-generation iPad mini with Wi-Fi and TD-LTE as obsolete on the same day, it added.

As per the report, iPhone 5c was an iconic iPhone released alongside the iPhone 5s in September 2013.


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