Another Childhood Treat by Disney To Its Home Alone Fans!

Disney is all set to surprise all of its Home Alone fans by rolling a great treat for them. By this, we are not telling you that another Home Alone movie is on the floor but that the cast for the Home Alone reboot that was announced some time ago, has been decided and revealed! 

In 2019, Disney already gave its fans an adrenaline rush to its fans by rebooting everyone’s favorite like Aladdin and The Lion King. The theatres were filled with anyone whose childhood was filled with such movies. Home Alone is one such movie and the fans were elated on knowing its reboot. A series of reboots awaits the audience and the same has been confirmed by Bob Iger who is the chief of Disney. 

Now, you’ll be thinking about the character of an 8-year-old namely Kevin McAllister who was the male lead of the movie. The original movie witnessed actor Macaulay Culkin do every bit of justice to the role. Now, your mind will be tickling you to think about the cast of the reboot version of the movie.

As per the reports are to believed, Jojo Rabbit fame child actor Archie Yates will be taking over as the lead. However, there won’t be an exact copy of the role. The character will be new but it is believed to be somewhat familiar to the role of Kevin McAllister belonging to the original movie plot.  


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