Amazing Health Benefits of Tulsi That You Need To Know

The Tulsi plant has great importance in Hinduism. Tulsi is a boon for health. It has properties to fight against many diseases. We rarely use it despite knowing about its properties. Tulsi is also known as ‘Herb Queen’ ie ‘Queen of Medicines’. Many chemical elements are found in basil leaves and flowers, which have the power to prevent many diseases and eliminate them from the root. Here we will know the amazing health benefits of Tulsi. Check it out.

Nutrients Found in Tulsi

The basil plant is mostly found in every house but most of the people don’t know about the amazing health benefits of Tulsi. There are many types of nutrition and vitamins found in basil leaves. Tulsi is a rich source of Vitamins (A, B, C and K ), Calcium, Iron, Chlorophyll, Zinc, Omega 3, and Magnesium.

Health Benefits of Tulsi

Helps in Reducing Stress & Anxiety

The plant acts as an adaptogen. This is a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and also helps in promoting mental balance.

Good For Skin

To control skin infections, Tulsi is a great ayurvedic herb. Actually, basil leaves prevent bacteria from growing. Tulsi also has antibiotic properties, which help in treating infections.

Beneficial in Kidney Stones

Basil also has several positive effects on Kidney. In the case of kidney stone, Tulsi is beneficial. The regular intake of basil leaves with honey for up to 6 months can help in expelling the kidney stone via the urinary tract. It is one of the key Tulsi health benefits.

Helps in Digestion

If you are the one i.e is suffering from digestion problem then the leaves of tulsi can benefit you. It works as an appetizer and also promotes the digestion. Tulsi helps in the secretion of the digestive enzymes.

Good in Diabetes

The medicinal plan tulsi also helps in maintaining the insulin levels of the body. It is one of the best ayurvedic remedies for Diabetes. One can keep the tulsi powder in water overnight and take it early in the morning.

Some Other Health Benefits of Tulsi

– It can improve the gut’s health and also helps in reducing the side-effects of the stomach ulcers.
– Helpful in treating wounds and infections.
– Beneficial in providing relief in joint pain and inflammation.
– Good for the people suffering from Arthritis.

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