Airtel Broadband Plan 499 Is Best One If You Are Looking For Unlimited Data For Whole Month

Airtel has several broadband plans in which it is offering various benefits. Among these plans, the common thing is unlimited Internet, calling, etc. The only thing that is different is the data speed. In this article, we will know all the benefits of Airtel starter broadband plan 499. This is one of the best and affordable plans offered by the telecom operator. So let’s just begin and see what this plan offers.

Airtel Broadband Plan 499 Details

If you are looking for a budget plan for home use, then the 499 plan of Airtel is the best one to choose. This plan will give you unlimited access to the internet for the whole month. Speed matters but if you are okay with the 40 MBPS offered by Airtel in the 499 plan then just go for it.

In the Airtel 499 plan, users will get unlimited internet. The speed of the plan is up to 40MBPS. It is enough to stream videos online, downloading videos. You can download as much as you can because of data usage is unlimited.

Along with the free and unlimited internet in the 499 broadband plan of Airtel, users will also get unlimited local and STD calls. The pack also includes the Airtel Thanks Benefit. It also includes Airtel Xtream.

So tell us in the comment if this plan is perfect for you or is there any other plan that is best than this.

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