Airtel 401 Plan Vs Jio 401 Plan With Free Disney+ Hotstar VIP Membership Comparison

Recently Reliance Jio launches two new prepaid plans with the Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership. The two plans are Plan 401 & Plan 2599. Well, the first one i.e 401 plan is a monthly plan and the second one i.e 2599 is an annual plan. Jio is not the first one that is offering the Hotstar VIP membership with its plan. Airtel has already done the same. But the difference is Airtel is only offering free membership with a single plan. Bharti Airtel is offering it in the 401 plan. Let’s have a look at what both plans are offering.

Airtel 401 Plan Vs Jio 401 Plan With Free Disney+ Hotstar VIP Membership

Validity: In terms of validity both the plans offer same-day validity. These both plans are monthly plan that offers 28 days validity. Well, the Airtel plan is a data add-on.

Calling: As the Airtel 401 plan is an add-on plan, there are no calling benefits in this plan. But on the other side, Jio is offering free calling benefits. All calls are free in the Jio 401 plan.

Data Benefits: Now lets, come to the main segment, i.e the data part of the plan. In this part, there is a big difference. Jio 401 plan offers 90GB data in total while Airtel is offering 3GB data.

You now know the difference between the two plans. Both of these plans are offering Free Disney+ Hotstar VIP Membership. With this membership, one can watch all the latest shows and movies. Although, you can also watch Hollywood movies in Hindi with this membership. Hotstar VIP also offers News Channel where one can catch all the latest news updates.


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