Airtel 2398 Prepaid Recharge Plan Vs Airtel 1498 Plan Comparison: Know All Benefits Here

Bharti Airtel has several combo plans and among them, Airtel 2398 Prepaid Recharge plan and Airtel 1498 are annual plans. Both plans comes with a validity of 365 days. Both plans offer unlimited calls to anywhere in India. But What is the difference between these two plans? Why there is a price difference when these two plans of Airtel offer 365 days validity with unlimited calls? The difference is the data usage. Check all the details here.

Airtel 2398 Prepaid Recharge Plan Vs Airtel 1498 Plan

Validity: In terms of validity comparison both the plans offer the same validity. With these two plans, users will get a validity of 365 days.

Calling: In terms of calling benefits, there is no difference between these two plans. Both the plans offer unlimited calling to anywhere in India including roaming incoming and outgoing calls.

SMS: In terms of SMS, there is a difference too. Airtel 2398 prepaid recharge plan offers 100 free SMS per day. On the other side, Airtel 1498 plan offers only 3600 SMS per year. This means users will only get 300 SMS per month.

Data: The main difference is in data usage. On one side the 2398 recharge plan of Airtel offers 1.5GB data per day and another side plan 1498 offers only 24GB data as a whole. This means users will get 2GB data per month in this. But there is no daily data usage limit in this plan.

Considering above all benefits of both the plans, Airtel 2398 plan is perfect if you need data up to 1.5GBper day. While if you don’t use data so much and looking for a plan that offers unlimited calling with data for a year, then the 1498 plan is good.

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