After 30, These Sexual Problems In Women Increases

When you want some private moments for yourself after a tiring day of day, does it happen to you that you start having many physical problems? Most of these problems occur after aging and in such a situation we do not understand what is happening to us. Actually, the real problem is after aging when many changes are understood in our body.

Gynecological problems include periods, pregnancy, discharge, sexual problems, pre-menopause, menopause, etc. It also includes personal problems such as sexual issues. You may not realize this, but one report believes that about 45% of women have this problem and they are troubled by some kind of sexual function.

After 30, These Sexual Problems In Women Increases

Decrease in Sexual Desire

In a research paper from Harvard University, it was revealed that many women feel a lack of it after a time. One of the reasons for this could be aging. Apart from this, hormonal problems can also be responsible for this, apart from this physical changes, menopause, pregnancy problems, emotional changes, etc. In such a time it would be better that you understand your problem, if you are having pain during intercourse, then first talk to the doctor, use lubrication etc. which will be much better.

PCOS And Body Hair Problems

As we age, our body also starts filling up and problems like PCOS are common at such times. Many times due to this, body hair also increases a lot and it becomes a problem of some kind. In such times you should pay attention to your lifestyle. If the lifestyle is not proper then the problem of PCOS will increase and it will not be easy to control it.

UTI & Vaginal Itching Problem

This problem also increases with increasing age. However, now it is happening even to young girls, but if we talk about UTIs, then women above 30 years of age are worried about it. Sometimes hormonal problems can also cause vaginal dryness and itching at such times.

Ovarian Cysts and Endometriosis

You should keep getting your complete checkup done regularly. Sometimes due to busy and hectic schedules, we forget our own bodies. It is very important to be aware of small lumps, pain in the lower abdomen, painful periods, etc.

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