With the Advantages of Dieting, the Adverse Effects Cannot be Ignored

There are many people who tend to opt for a diet on the pretext of losing weight and getting that perfect body shape. And the idea of dieting is widespread. As it is all over the different places be it the advertisements, billboards, magazines, shows, social media, and whatnot. Everyone is well versed in the positive effects of dieting. But, no one tells you about the dangerous effects of dieting. Every coin has two sides. So, with the advantages of dieting, the adverse effects cannot be ignored. They are as follows: 

Adverse Effects of Dieting

Reduced metabolism 

Before talking about the rate of metabolism in the body, it is important to know what metabolism exactly is. It is the amount of calorie requirement by the body in order to perform the day to day functions. Hence, eating and metabolism have a direct relation. Weight loss occurs when you opt for fewer calories and go for a calorie deficit. Your weight will reduce but chances are that your metabolism is slowed down. This has many health concerns including you to humpback to panic eating and thus, gaining weight again.

Easy to gain weight afterwards 

If you are going on a diet to reduce weight, you will have to cut down on your intakes and portions. Going on a diet helps you in eating a healthy and balanced diet in controlled portions. Diet is a way through which you know how, when and what food should restrict. But, once you try and opt for a normal routine, it becomes difficult for you. You start eating without measuring and panic eating is one of the things. The calorie intake increases and you tend to gain more weight than what you lost earlier.

Lack of the vitamins and minerals required by the body 

Dieting means you are entirely eliminating certain kinds of food items and groups from your diet. This means that you are going to miss out on the goodness of minerals and vitamins, too. There is mono diet, crash diet, keto diet and whatnot. But they have their own scoop of harmful effects on the body. So, going on a very strict diet might keep your body deprived of the vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Eating a single fruit or only one type of vegetables may not be sufficient in providing what is needed by the body wholly. 

Long term weakness 

This has a direct relation to the intake of vitamins and minerals. If you are eating them well, your body will respond accordingly. But, if you are cutting short on the essential minerals, vitamins and roughage required by the body, it might result in long term weakness, dull skin, hair fall and much more. You will require more time to get over these dangerous effects of dieting. 


There are many people who misguide you and give you diets that may not work for your body. Even if they do, they cause more harm rather than providing any benefit to the body. You might have come across diets that help you detox or cleanse your body. But, no one can actually measure whether they are actually good for the body or not. Fast and easy weight loss is more of a myth. If the weight loss occurs it cannot be fast and if it is fast it isn’t of much quality. So, no point in falling for such traps and myths. 

In all, it is good to diet to the extent your body is not facing any adverse effects. A proper intake of green vegetables, fruits, water, minerals and vitamins is as important as maintaining the desired body shape and weight. 

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