“Adult Film Jo Teenagers Ke Liye Bani Hai”, Akshay Kumar on OMG 2 getting A certification from CBFC

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The makers of “Oh My God 2” (OMG 2) shared a video capturing popular actor Akshay Kumar’s visit to a theater, where he engaged with the audience following the presentation of his latest cinematic venture. With his signature charm and wit, Kumar interacted with moviegoers, humorously discussing the film’s recent ‘A’ certification from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

What Akshay Kumar Said On OMG 2 Getting A Certification

Akshay, who was dressed in black, said, “Kaisi lagi aap logo ko movie? Pehli adult film hai jo teenagers ke liye bani hai. Actually yeh sab schools mein dikhani chahiye, lekin aap sab entertain huye nah? Bahut acha laga, bahut-bahut shukriya aap log aye dekhne (How did you find the film? This is the first adult film that has been made specifically for teenagers. It should be actually shown in schools, but at least you all got entertained watching it. I am very happy you came to watch the film).”

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OMG 2 A Certification

In a strategic move, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has reportedly adopted proactive measures to mitigate potential controversies surrounding the dialogues and scenes of “Oh My God 2.” The film recently secured an ‘A’ certificate, putting an end to weeks of speculation regarding its certification status. Initially, there were indications that the filmmakers were inclined towards obtaining a ‘UA’ certificate, which would allow unrestricted viewing with a parental advisory for children below 12 years of age.

Sources suggest that the CBFC’s cautious approach during the review process of “Oh My God 2” can be attributed to the aftermath of the release of “Adipurush.” The film “Adipurush,” directed by Om Raut, encountered a wave of backlash following its June release. Starring Prabhas as Raghava, Kriti as Janaki, Sunny Singh as Laxman, and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh, the movie faced criticism for various aspects, including its dialogues, costumes, and visual effects.

Given the controversies that “Adipurush” grappled with post-release, the CBFC exercised heightened diligence in evaluating “Oh My God 2,” aiming to preclude any potential adverse reactions. Ultimately, the film earned an ‘A’ certificate, signaling a resolution to the speculations that had surrounded its certification category.

The ‘A’ certification denotes that the content of “Oh My God 2” is suitable for adult audiences, thereby implying a more mature and potentially intense narrative. This move by the CBFC aligns with their commitment to ensuring responsible and appropriate categorization of films to guide viewers in making informed choices.

As “Oh My God 2” navigates its certification journey, the film industry and audiences alike will be observing how this decision impacts the movie’s reception and cultural resonance. The CBFC’s preemptive measures reflect the evolving landscape of content evaluation and the industry’s dedication to fostering constructive cinematic experiences

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